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Alpine Advance will be your direct funder, providing your ISO shop with full access to our range of services. Your internal sales team handles the process, and we’ll handle funding.

Working with Alpine Advance:

Business And Industry Requirements

Prohibited Industries

Business Requirements

  1. $20,000 + in Monthly Revenue
  2. FICO Score 500+
  3. Minimum 8 Months in Business
  4. Max 3 Negative Days per Month
  5. Minimum 5 Deposits per Month
  6. Minimum 51% Ownership

Automatic Decline

  1. Less than 3 Monthly
  2. Deposits Volume under $20k
  3. Credit Score below 480
  4. Over-leveraged (30% withhold)
  5. Open Bankruptcies
  6. Tax lien judgment above $200k
  7. Negative history with another MCA Funder
  8. Fraudulent Documents
  9. Prohibited Industries

Submission & Funding Requirements

Submission Requirements
To get started all we ask for is 3 Months of Recent Bank Statements and a Completed Funding Application.
Required Documents to Submit:
Funding Requirements
After our team has reviewed your business’ options with our network, they’ll reply with an Approved amount.
In Addition to Submission Requirements:

Funding Process


Our submissions email receives your application.


The underwriting team reviews your file for an approval or decline.


Receive our offer and funds same-day for use in your business.

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